Christadelphian Beliefs

For a detailed statement of Christadelphian beliefs, have a look at the publication Who are the Christadelphians? Here is a brief summary...

Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 1

The magazine was started in 1931. You can read the first article online.

Christadelphians (Brothers in Christ) believe all Bible teachings, including:

  • The Bible is the only true message from God and was entirely given by Him.

  • There is only one God, the Father, who made the world and has a great purpose for it.

  • The Holy Spirit is God's own power, by which he works out His own holy will.

  • Jesus is the Son of God. He is also Son of Man through being born of Mary.

  • Jesus overcame all temptation and died to save his followers from sin and death.

  • Jesus was raised from the dead by God. Later he ascended to heaven but will return.

  • When he returns he will raise and judge the responsible dead and give immortality to the faithful.

  • He will be King over the restored Kingdom of God in Israel and over the whole world.

  • His immortalised followers will help him to bring everlasting righteousness and peace worldwide.

  • The devil is not a supernatural being but is another name for sin, destroyed only in Christ.

  • Salvation involves covering from sin through Christ, and freedom from sin and death at his coming.

  • When man dies he ceases to exist. The only hope of life is by resurrection at Christ's return.

  • Belief in God's promises about the Kingdom of God and the work of Jesus Christ is essential.

  • Repentance and baptism into Christ by immersion in water and daily following of Christ are all necessary for ultimate salvation.