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You can access back issues of the magazine by following the links below, along with Basic Bible Principles Bible Inserts.

You can also view Special issues of the magazine.

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Complete index to The Testimony, 1991 to 1999

Basic Bible Principles (Bible Inserts)

A series of summaries of important Bible doctrines in the form of Bible Inserts. Published to accompany the magazine. These are listed in alphabetical order:


The Christian and politics
Dual fulfilment of prophecy
The Ecclesia
The Flood
The forgiveness of sins
Free will and predestination
God manifestation
God's promises
God's promises to Abraham
The Gospel
The Holy Spirit
Israel in the Purpose of God
The Jews - God's witnesses
The Kingdom of God
The Lord Jesus Christ
Marriage only in the Lord
Military service
Mortality and immortality
The New Covenant
The New Life
Preaching the Gospel
The priesthood of Jesus Christ
The problem of suffering
Remembering Christ in Bread and wine
Resurrection and judgement
The resurrection of Jesus Christ
The role of sisters
Sacrifice in the age to come
The sacrifice of Christ
Satan and the devil
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Signs of the times
The Soul
Temptation and its conquest
The Trinity
The verbal inspiration of Scripture
The virgin birth
Prophecy Archive

All the prophecy articles for a year, including the 'News from the Nations', gathered on to one page.


Printed back copies

Back copies are available for nearly all months over the last twenty years, and some months before that. Magazine binders, holding two years' magazines, are also available: cost £4.25 each + postage. Please apply to the Subscriptions Secretary for further details.

Back copies on DVD

After back issues of The Christadelphian became available electronically several years ago, enquiries were received from time to time as to whether the Testimony would become similarly available. We recently became aware that a brother in the USA has scanned all back numbers of the Testimony for his own use, and he has kindly made them available for general distribution. They are complete from the beginning of the magazine in 1931 to the end of 2004 and are available as PDF files on one DVD. There is a search facility.

UK readers
The cost is £10 inclusive of postage and packing. Please write to or email as below if you would like a copy either enclosing a cheque for £10 payable to 'The Testimony Magazine' or requesting an invoice.

Overseas readers

Additional postage costs are incurred for postage overseas. Please write to or email as below requesting an invoice, which will give instructions for payment in local currency and will include the extra postage costs.

CONTACT: MARY BENSON, 26 Tiercel Avenue, Norwich NR7 8JN. Tel. 01603 412978; email:

First Testimony article online!

Below is an extract from the first article from the first Testimony magazine. To read the rest of the Volume, purchase the DVD as advertised above!

Whatever the faults of this periodical may be, whatever measures of success or failure it may experience, there can at least be no doubt that the workers behind the movement have a positive aim. In the present age this is surely a matter to be noted. The world is suffering from an absence of positive ideals and positive work. It is much easier to ascertain that a leader of thought rejects certain old ideas than to find out what he retains, or what new truth he has discovered. We frequently hear of pronouncements by prominent men, repudiating the old faith, but we do not so often hear a positive statement of their present position. The Churches have suffered greatly from such negativism. A religion without a positive faith and a positive aim is like a corpse drifting in the water. Truly it is in no danger of being killed, for it is dead already. There is hope for the man who swims vigorously in troubled waters, even if, for the moment he is swimming in the wrong direction. While he lives he has the power of decision and may eventually find the right way, but a corpse drifts helplessly with the stream. Read more

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