GDPR policy statement

The Testimony operates via a trust, The Testimony (Christadelphian), founded by a trust deed dated 13 February 1963.

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Having carefully considered the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation, which became enforceable in the United Kingdom on 25 May 2018, the Trustees issue the following policy statement concerning their responsibilities under this legislation.

  • The magazine is a not-for-profit organisation.
  • It is necessary for the magazine to maintain records of personal data to fulfil its contractual obligations to subscribers. These obligations consist of supplying printed and/or electronic versions of the magazine, and of advertising related material considered likely to be of interest to subscribers, including new material published by The Testimony.
  • The Trustees have chosen not to rely on the wider "legitimate interest" exemption available under GDPR legislation.
  • The only data kept is data which is considered likely to be necessary to the fulfilment of the magazine's contractual obligations. No personal data is sold or supplied to third parties unconnected to the magazine.
  • Records of personal data, whether in electronic or paper format, are kept in secure places by those who require access to them to fulfil the magazine's contractual obligations.
  • The transmission of personal data to the magazine's printer (to allow magazines to be supplied to subscribers) is password-protected. The printer has confirmed that this data is kept securely, and only for its agreed purpose, and that it is deleted promptly after printed magazines have been dispatched.
  • All personal data of subscribers who do not renew their subscriptions will be deleted within two years of the end of the year in which the subscription lapsed, other than data relating to the magazine’s financial records, which is maintained for seven years as required by the Inland Revenue.
  • Records will be kept to confirm that the magazine's policy on data protection is being carried out. This will include confirmation in the annual Trustees’ report, published in the magazine.
  • Data collected via website cookies remains subject to the relevant legislation.

The Trustees will review this policy statement from time to time.