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Middle East Tension

In the August Watchman we noted the deteriorating relations between Syria and Turkey following the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet by Syrian forces. The Syrian civil war has continued, as have cross-border skirmishes into Turkey, and on 3 October the parliament of Turkey voted overwhelmingly to give its government freedom to carry out retaliatory measures against Syrian attacks, up to and including all-out war. In a joint press conference with Iran’s vice president, the Turkish prime minister said, “We have no intention of starting a war with Syria,” but added, “Turkey is a country capable of protecting its people and its borders. No one should attempt to test our determination on the issue,” sending a clear signal that Turkey would not shy away from war if provoked.

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Spirit in the New Testament

Edward Whittaker and Reg Carr

Detailed examination of what the New Testament teaches on this important subject.

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The Testimony Handbook of Bible Principles

The Testimony Handbook of Bible Principles. The contents
of this Handbook were first published as an occasional series
of inserts in this magazine. Written by members of the Promoting Committee, the 52 inserts each dealt with a single
Bible principle in the space of about 1,000 words, providing
readers with a handy overview of key aspects of Bible teaching, complete with supporting Bible quotations and references. Ordering information


Special Issue 2009
Preaching in the Modern World

It is hoped that this Special Issue can help us to speak "openly to the world". As the modern world becomes increasingly wicked and perilous, may we openly preach the gospel to those around us, so that, when we stand before our Master, we might ... say, 'in secret have I said nothing'.

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