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Special Issue - June 1997

The Testimony special issue

Vol. 67 , No. 798, June 1997


The Ethiopian Eunuch -
Russell Ebbs

Public Reading of Scripture -
Trevor Maher

Themes: "A Threefold Cord is not
Quickly Broken" -
Jim Wood

Apollos -
Russell Ebbs

A Letter from a Sister -
E. Ransome

The Use of Isaiah in Romans -
Simeon Guntrip

The Greatly Beloved Daniel -
Russell Ebbs

Laodicean Lukewarmness to the Word -
Russell Ebbs

Bible Reading Groups - Trevor Maher




Main articles

Written for our Learning - Trevor Maher

"All Scripture is God-breathed, and is Profitable" - Reg Carr

Why a Written Word? - Reg Carr

"Have Ye Never Read...?" - John Watts

The Importance of Context - Geoff Walker

"Of Whom Speaketh the Prophet This?" - Stephen Green

The Study of Parallel Records - Neville Moss

"These Things were Our Examples" - Bernard Burt

Miracles and Parables - Stephen Pinfield

Symbols and Numerology - John Nicholls

Word Studies - David Burges

The Purpose of Prophecy - Tony Benson

The Bible Gives Meaning to History - Tony Benson

Tools to Help - Richard Mellowes

The Value of Bible Maps - Peter Forbes

The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy - Simeon Guntrip

How to Study - Mark Vincent

The Conclusion of the Matter - Eric Marshall


Publication of articles in The Testimony does not presume editorial endorsement except on matters of fundamental doctrine, as defined in the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith.