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For the study and defence of the Holy Scripture

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Vol. 82 No. 977 - November 2012
405 Persevering with God’s Word—Editorial  
406 David—the man after God’s own heart
36. O Absalom, my son, my son!
37. Aftermath of war
John Mitchell
409 Bible workshop Revelation 12 E. Marshall & J. Thomas
413 Prayer from a cave Geoff Henstock
418 The faithful of old—studied by the young
Ezra: agent for change
Tim Miles
422 Middle East tensions Shaun Maher
425 The stones cry out
Trends and discoveries in Bible archaeology
David Burges
428 Your Letters
Understanding the Atonement
429 The false prophet  
431 Principles of prophecy
Prophetic time periods
Andrew White
435 Understanding the Seventy Weeks Prophecy (2) Greg Palmer
440 Life from the dead Mary Benson
441 The good hand of God (Review) John Nicholls
442 Reflections
Dogs, smells and noses
Margaret Bilton
443 Testimony Book Exchange  
XX Lebanon scenes
3. Sidon (1)
Jeremy Thomas
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