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The Testimony

For the study and defence of the Holy Scripture

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You can search the Testimony website using two search engines from this page, allowing you to view relevant articles and then actually view any of your choice.

This could prove very useful in finding material related to a particular area of interest, eg

  • a particular Testimony Magazine article you remember reading but don't know when it was published

  • articles on a particular theme

  • articles commenting on a particular Bible passage (by book, chapter or even verse)

  • articles by a particular author.

You could even use this feature to enliven your Daily Readings!

Usual search engine conventions apply, but please see the additional guidance below. For more general help on search engine conventions, see the Search Help page. Please note that although comprehensive, the search engines may not identify every relevant article within the Testimony website.   

To view a list of all articles between 1991-1999 (not the articles themselves), go to the Index.

Please note: when performing a search, you will be taken to a new page. To return to this Search page, please click the 'Back' button in your browser's toolbar.

Abbreviated forms of Bible books

When searching for articles relating to a Bible passage, enter the abbreviated forms of Bible books as they appear in the magazine eg Gen., Lev., Rom, 1 Cor. A full list of the abbreviated forms is given below.

Old Testament

New Testament

Gen Lam Mt
Lev Ezek Mk
Ex Dan Lk
Num Hos Jno
Deut Joel Acts
Josh Amos Rom
Judg Obad Cor
Ruth Jonah Gal
Sam Micah Eph
Kgs Nah Phil
Chron Hab Col
Ezra Zeph Thess
Neh Hag Tim
Est Zech Tit
Job Mal Philem
Ps   Heb
Prov   Jas
Eccl   Pet
Song   Jno
Isa   Jude
Jer   Rev

Note: search for Bible references in the following format:
"Book Chapter:Verse" eg for Psalm 1:1 enter "Psalm 1:1"
You must enter the abbreviated forms of Bible books as they appear in the magazine eg Gen., Lev., Rom, 1 Cor. See the full list in the table above).

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