Testimony is a Christadelphian magazine established in 1931 “for the study and defence of the Holy Scripture” and that remains its aim today. The magazine contains a number of sections: Exposition; Reviews; Exhortation; Watchman; Science; Principles, Preaching and Problems; Prophecy; History; and Archaeology.

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Testimony magazine is published monthly. An annual Special Issue, now in book form, is devoted to one main theme.

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After ninety-two years as in independent magazine, Testimony merged with The Christadelphian magazine at the end of 2022. The merged magazine, larger than either of the two original magazines, aims to bring together the best of each. It was first published in January 2023 with a fresh, new look. The format and content of the magazine will continue to develop over time. A dedicated team works hard to produce the magazine every month of the year.

You can purchase an annual subscription to the merged magazine, which now includes both Testimony and The Christadelphian, via the link “Enter our shop” above or by clicking here to go directly to our magazine picker. Faith Alive is also available, aimed at younger readers.

Testimony back issues are accessible via the link “Browse back issues” above. Join our Online Library to access all Christadelphian and Testimony publications dating back over 150+ years. All the material is available as soon as you subscribe and remains accessible online while the subscription lasts.

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